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How Can Waste Management Company Helps The Environment? 5 Ways to Manage and Reduce Waste

Waste and Reduce Management Company

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Manufacturing units, industrial and commercial establishments, and factories are necessary for the modern world. They help society and humans alike. So, one cannot avoid their role in society. However, they do have some cons.

One of the biggest cons is that such establishments generate considerable waste that can be biodegradable, non-recyclable, or even hazardous. If not disposed of properly, it can lead to many serious issues. If you own or operate such an establishment and want to know the best ways to manage and reduce waste, read on.

Why is Waste Management Vital?

There are many reasons why waste management is essential. Some of them are:

When harmful waste is dumped into landfills, it leads to the production of methane which is a very potent greenhouse gas and can lead to the worsening of environmental issues like climate change and global warming.

An organization that doesn’t dispose of the waste smartly has a large carbon footprint which is bad for the environment, society, and the organization’s reputation.

Organizations that want to adhere to local and federal environmental regulations must opt for a proper waste management process.

Industrial waste is a problem for not just the environment but also human health. Waste not disposed of properly can lead to the contamination of air, water, and soil.

It can also lead to negative health issues in workers who work in a factory, manufacturing unit, or industrial and commercial establishments. These workers can sue the employer for worker’s compensation and make things complicated. If many workers are impacted, the authorities can shut your organization down.

Top 5 Ways to Manage and Reduce Waste

Gone are the days when minimizing waste was only limited to installing separate bins. Now, the need of the hour is a change in an organization’s mindset and ideology. Every organization serious about manage and reducing waste company must prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability when focusing on daily operations.

To help you with that, we have detailed the top 5 ways to manage and reduce waste. Have a look.

Form a Focused Team

One of the most important things you need to do is to ensure that you have a focused team to help with waste disposal. This team must learn about the different steps involved in waste management and create and execute a plan for the same.

Having a dedicated team will mean that all the waste management plans are actually executed instead of just being on paper. Ensure that the team consists of smart, honest, and dedicated employees who do what they day and are not hesitant to share their opinion on the best practices that must be followed. Someone from the management must either be a part of or monitor this team to avoid carelessness or audit the team’s performance.

Implement Automation

To help ensure that you and your team follow the best waste management and disposal practices, you can also take the help of software. The software can help track the waste through different stages and ensure its proper storage, shipping, reuse, and disposal. It can also help you to get reports regarding waste generation.

Packaging Matters

Many organizations don’t realize that, but packaging produces a lot of waste. As no organization can skip packaging, they need to focus on minimizing the negative impact the packaging can have on the environment.

The use of eco-friendly materials can be a smart way to go about it. A smart choice is to replace plastics with cardboard boxes. Plantable packaging options are also trending recently and are an excellent choice. It can help you transform into a trendsetter and enhance your reputation.

When packaging raw materials, you must reuse or recycle them as much as possible. If they can’t be reused or recycled, give them to a reliable scrap dealer.

To avoid this, choose vendors who offer only sustainable packaging.

Segregate First Policy

Segregating waste is one of the first steps to managing it. So, you must install separate bins for biodegradable, recyclable, and hazardous waste. You can compost the biodegradable waste. It will ensure you don’t need to send it to a landfill. Too many overloaded landfills are a problem for the environment and human health.

Don’t Forget About Paint Waste

Many owners and managers of manufacturing units, industrial and commercial establishments, and factories don’t have enough time to focus on industrial paint waste as they are too focused on other types of waste. You must not make the same mistake. When an establishment, building, or equipment is painted, it usually leads to empty cans or cans filled with paint.

They need to be disposed of quickly because if you store them, they will dry and become unusable after a while. These paints release volatile organic compounds that can increase the problem of air pollution and even the greenhouse effect.

To reduce this type of waste, ensure that you use only high-quality and durable industrial floor paint. Only reputed suppliers sell such paints. Some other great options include using recyclable or eco-friendly industrial paint.

When disposing of the paint waste, ensure you follow the environment-friendly way. You can also reuse the cans as storage containers. You can also transform waste cans into raw materials via recycling.

Trust EXIM Engineering to Help Manage and Reduce Hazardous Waste

If you need to ensure that you get the hazardous waste processed smartly, EXIM Engineering can help. In partnership with RRD Environmental services, we offer safe handling and disposal of hazardous industrial waste. We can also help you with the recycling process.

After knowing your requirements, our team will build a comprehensive plan for you and ensure you never have to stress about hazardous waste management again. We also ensure 100% compliance with federal, state, and local regulations as we have been in this industry for years and regularly upgrade ourselves on any special changes.

To know more about this useful industrial hazardous waste management service and book an appointment with EXIM Engineering experts, visit us here or call us at 714-758-1000.

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