Reducing Downtime in Food and Bakery Plants During COVID-19

May 20, 2020 | Accessories and Consumables, Belts, Chain, Commercial, Conveyor Components, Industrial, Services | 0 comments

Using and maintaining food-grade motors and drives to reduce the downtime for Food and Bakery plants during the COVID-19 crisis is essential as the demand for products is rising. People who are stuck at home want to eat better and are stocking up on food and bakery essentials for the next couple of months. So, food and bakery plants need to remain operational for more than usual hours.

Downtime Can Halt Everything

Even though bakery equipment and systems are designed for long hours of operation with minimized downtime, there are still areas that need more focus regularly.

The equipment downtime directly contributes to 5-7 % of production capacity, and it can go up to 20%, most plants cannot let it happen. Also, any unplanned downtime cost can hit the bottom line of the company.

Solutions to Reduce Downtime

According to industry surveys, both bakers and equipment suppliers believe the biggest plant downtime challenge involves the maintenance and reliability of equipment.

When motors or bearings begin to fail, the situation can lead to a chain of problems. Downtime may cause injuries when operators and engineers try to repair the system quickly, wanting to get the operation up and running fast. The need is greater than ever to optimize equipment reliability to maximize uptime and productivity and improve worker safety.

High-Efficiency Washdown Motors Can Help

One of the most promising ways to reduce downtime is through the installation of high- efficiency washdown and food-grade motors. A stainless steel washdown motor is suitable in areas where motors are commonly exposed to moisture, humidity, and specific chemicals that cause corrosion.

With the use of washdown motors, flexibility and durability are enhanced, which can yield to minimal operating expenses while increasing uptime.

Specially engineered stainless-steel motors also don’t need paint that could flake into the food, hold in moisture,  and hide corrosion.  They are of  “Totally  Enclosed,  Not  Ventilated”  design, which means that they do not have a fan and fan cover, which are both difficult to clean and could be the breeding space for bacteria.

Today’s high-speed automated bakeries and snack manufacturing plants rely upon innovative and operator-safe equipment. Two challenges bakers and snack manufacturers often face are maintaining their equipment to prevent potential downtime and designing equipment to facilitate cleaning and sanitation. The supply of heavy-duty, food-grade motors with safety features is key to meeting these issues.

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