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TS30 HYD Lubrication Pump

Complete pumping stations consist of various combinations of reservoirs and pumps. These stations lubricate machines with pneumatic or hydraulic power. All models use TP pumps and supply grease or oil.

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TS30 Pumping Stations Farval

T30 and T32 Reservoirs

Typical oil and grease reservoirs are shown below, and their characteristics are tabulated in the table. The low-level switch is a single pole double throw with a UL rating below.

Body Material Reference
Lubricant Capacity Lubricant Level Indication Part Number
Steel B Grease 5 pounds Level Switch, Stem T30S5AC
Plastic F Grease 5 pounds Level Switch, Transparent T30P5AC
G Oil 2.5 quarts Transparent T30P4BC
R Grease 10 pounds Level Switch, Transparent T32P5AC
S Oil 6 quarts Transparent T32P4BC

These stations lubricate machines having pneumatic or hydraulic power. All models use TP pumps and supply grease or oil.

These reservoirs are used with the pumps. Lubricating typical machine tools requires 200 hours of system operation before refilling.

Model Description
T30 and T32 10 amps at 125/250, or 3 amps at 480 volts A.C.
0.5 amps at 125 volts D.C.
0.25 amps at 250 volts D.C.

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