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3000 m^3/h (1767 cfm)


The ideal partner for more performance and throughput…
The RUVAC WH will help to make your process more reliable and cost efficient.
RUVAC WH Roots pumps attain the highest pumping speeds and best ultimate pressures with maximum safety in combination with dry compressing vacuum pumps from the DRYVAC, SCREWLINE, and LEYVAC line, or the oil-sealed vacuum pumps of the SOGEVAC line.

Design and Advantages
The RUVAC WH line includes a number of engineering innovations ensuring a long service life with minimum maintenance complexity.

Water cooling advantages
The concept of the hermetically sealed, water cooled motor permits optimum cooling resulting in a very high motor efficiency. Water cooling at the motor permits extreme high motor loads and at the same time high protection against overloads. Apart from a reduced pump down time, noise and heat emissions are reduced and the pump is therefore cleanroom compatible. Moreover, water cooling significantly reduces the oil temperature, resulting in improved lubricating properties thereby guaranteeing a long service life for the bearings.

System integration, made easy
The smart design of the pumps with their reduced exhaust flange permits the configuration of different pump combinations without an additional mounting frame. Since the pumps are connected to each other only with an adapter, both investment costs and as well as the system‘s footprint are reduced significantly.

Even faster with bypass line
The RUVAC WHU line was developed for extremely fast pump down of load lock chambers, for example. The utilization of a patented bypass line permits a high additional pumping speed starting at atmospheric pressure thereby significantly reducing pump down time. This is significantly faster compared to the utilization of a frequency converter since the pump mechanically controls the pumping speed at full speed of the pump.

No shaft seal, the pump is hermetically sealed
Therefore no shaft seal is needed. This prevents oil leaks and increases safety significantly while pumping sensitive media.

Motor ensures a long service life
The integration of a potted water cooling facility protects the motor against external and internal influences. The lower operating temperature compared to air-cooled motors in combination with the built-in coil protection ensures a long service life. When using the recommended lubricant, the pump will operate for 4 years without any service needed.

Frequency converters optimize the performance
RUVAC WH pumps deliver best performance due to the specially matched frequency converter. The integrated frequency converter optimizes the necessary power consumption and provides the required pumping speed for the variants RUVAC WH 2500 FC, RUVAC WHU 4400 and RUVAC WH 700. Moreover, it protects the Roots pump against thermal overloads, thereby rendering it intrinsically safe.
Using a frequency converter enables the RUVAC WH to support the backing pump in starting at atmospheric pressure. Increasing the rotational speed results in an enhanced pumping speed even at low pressures. This leads to very short pump down times and a high process gas throughput.


Increased process gas throughput due to significantly enhanced rotational speed
Reduced pump down time due to operation starting at atmospheric pressure in connection with increased pumping speed at dropping pressures
Highest operational reliability through parameter matching to the thermal limit of the pump
Pump protection in the event of a cooling water failure through processing the signal of a thermal sensor
Saving of power through optimized motor utilization at the operating point
Energy saving by reducing the speed during standby operation
Flexible matching to the requirements of your specific vacuum application
Easy electrical integration through digital and analog interfaces; industrial bus systems are optionally available
The frequency converter contributes significantly to increased reliability at a favourable price-to-performance ratio.

Application flexibility
The RUVAC WH line offers its advantages in all vacuum applications. It excels through extreme ruggedness and durability thereby meeting the requirements of industrial applications. At the same time it fulfills the requirements of solar and coating processes where lowest life-cycle costs, highest system availability and low emissions are required.

Your Benefits:
Low investment costs
through direct adaptation to our line of backing pumps
Best price-to-performance ratio
by increased pumping speed when using a frequency converter
Low operating costs
through the power-saving drive unit in combination with a frequency converter
Low life-cycle costs
due to the elimination of the shaft seal: 4 years without any servicing
Highest reliability
complete pump protection by the motor concept and the matched frequency converter
hermetic sealing thereby suited for pumping toxic and corrosive gases
Very fast pump down
by use of the patented bypass line for the WHU types
Excellent process adaptation
and control integration using a frequency converter
Optimum system integration
through reduced installation space
Favourable ambient conditions
by significantly reduced noise and heat emissions

Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only. Actual part/product could differ based on individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.


RUVAC WH 2500, RUVAC WH 4400, RUVAC WH 7000

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