Bijur Delimons Junctions & Manifolds

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Bijur Delimon junctions, junction bars and junction headers are used as part of single line resistance (SLR) systems, positive displacement injector systems (PDI), as well as progressive and dualine systems. 

Bijur Delimon junctions and manifolds are used as a part and accessories for single line resistance SLR systems,positive displacement injector system PDI as well as progressive and dual line systems. The junction bars,headers and manifolds are available with different specifications as given below:



3.Max Pressure Bar

4.Max Pressure PSI

5.Overall Length

6.Overall Width

7.Inlet Thread

8.Viscosity Range


10.Suystem Applications

11.Fitting Type Category

12.Outlet Thread

13.Junction Outlets

Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only. Actual part/product could differ based on individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.





Bijur Delimon

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