Brand: Invertek
Frame: 2
Input Voltage: 200 / 240V
Voltage: 200 / 240V
Rated Power: 1.5 kW/2 HP
Phase: 3


Invertek OptiDrive P2 Performance VFD

Invertek Optidrive provides cutting-edge technology with a superior combination of powerful performance and accurate motor control for a complete spectrum of industries. It’s Rugged and reliable, Cost effective with all required parameters, and the installation and commissioning is fast and easy.

Ideal for the following applications:
Food and Beverages: Conveyors, Pumps, Mixers
Cement, Aggregate, Tile, Quarrying & Mining: Feed Conveyors, Crushers, Cranes
Metal and Processing: Grinding, Cutting, Polishing, Drilling, Rolling

Input Ratings:
Supply Voltage: 200-240 V
Input Phases: 1
Supply Current Continuous: 15.2 A
Supply Fuse or MCB (Type B): 25 A

Output Ratings:
Motor Output Rating: 1.5 kW (2 HP)
Output Voltage: 0 – Supply Voltage
Output Current: 7 A

Cable Information:
Max Supply Cable Size: 8 mm² (0.01 sq in)
Max Motor Cable Size: 8 mm² (0.01 sq in)
Max Motor Cable Length: 100 m (328 ft)

Factory Build Options:
EMC Filter: Internal EMC
Brake Transistor: Internal
Enclosure: IP66 Non Switched Outdoor
Display: TFT Display
PCB Coating: Standard

Size: 2
Height: 257 mm (10.12 in)
Width: 188 mm (7.4 in)
Depth: 182 mm (7.17 in)
Weight: 4.8 kg (10.58 lbs)
Fixings: 4 x M4

Packaged Dimensions:
Height: 215 mm (8.46 in)
Width: 235 mm (9.25 in)
Depth: 375 mm (14.76 in)
Weight: 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs)

Frame: 2
Height: 10.1 in
Width: 7.4 in
Depth: 9.4 in
Input Voltage: 200 / 240V
Voltage: 200/240V
Rated Power: 1.5 kW/2 HP
Phase: 3

Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only. Actual part/product could differ based on individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Weight9.26 lbs
Dimensions14.76 × 9.25 × 8.46 in







2, Frame 2

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