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Hand Pumps

Use to fill grease reservoirs & grease guns quickly and efficiently. The product mounts directly to the original 120 lb. drum & 35 lb. pail.

Bijur Delimon Hand Pump

Industrial Lubrication Pumps

Manual Grease Fill Pump Kits:

Model 37303  Manual Grease Fill Pump Kit (120 lb. drum)

Model 37304 Manual Grease Fill Pump Kit (35 lb. pail)

Included Items: Cover, Follower Plate, Loader Extension, and Loader Coupler. Also included is a 6-foot hose with all fittings required to attach to the pump and two fill couplers supplied for grease reservoirs—one female quick coupler for hydraulic stud (used on Aeroflow/BL3/Dynamis-Dynamis Maxx/TTN reservoirs) and one for standard fill stud (used on Multiport/CS2000 and TP type reservoirs). Develops 500 psi. Delivery: 1 lb. per 6 strokes.

Heavy-Duty Original Container Units

Model F1984

Heavy-duty hand-operated high-pressure (5,000 psi) grease pump unit. Fits 35 lb. pail. Complete with pump, cover, 5’ hose, pipe with coupler, carry handle and follower plate. Capacity per stroke: 0.06 ounces.

Transfer Pumps

Heavy-duty, high-quality, hand-operated transfer pumps for light, medium, and heavy automotive, petroleum, and industrial products.

Model F1243

Has Viton® seals, useable with alcohols, degreasers, solvents, oils and anti-freeze. Long, curved, removable steel spout with garden hose threads. Output is .45 litres per stroke.

Bucket Pumps

Bucket pumps include a 35-lb leak-proof, all-steel oval bucket with a carrying handle and footrest for easy handling and stability.

Model F1996

Multi-pressure grease bucket pump. High-pressure 6,000 psi lever-action grease pump. Oval-shaped 35-lb steel container with footrest. Includes 7-foot grease hose and hydraulic coupler. Adjustable pressure and volume. Capacity per stroke: 0.04, 0.03, or 0.02 pounds (depending on the position of the lever).

Model F1995

3.6-gallon oil bucket pump for dispensing high-viscosity lubricants.Includes a medium-pressure lever action pump with a 5′ rubber hose, shut-off valve, and 135º angled nozzle.

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