FF-64 Conveyor Four Finger Gripper-2

FF-64 Conveyor Four Finger Chain Gripper-2

Exim Engineering specialize in wide variety of conveyor chain grippers including radius grippers,rivet grippers,seven rib grippers,three finger grippers,four finger grippers,square top grippers and soft touch grippers.
  • Common Length is 3 3/8” but can be made to Specific Length
  •   Available in White
  •   Available in a range of Durometer 50-60 (hardness)
  •   Also available with bayoneted hole option
  • Material Neoprene

Exim Engineering provides a large range of  chain grippers suitable for production lines. These chain grippers are made of high-aspect-ratio mineral composition that makes them tough and extremely tear-resistant. The chain gripper elements complement chain performance with high cut and abrasion resistance, good compression set, and excellent heat resistance. They provide uniform pressure distribution and minimize adjustment requirements.

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