SC400 Controllers

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The SC400 Controller is a full featured lubrication control, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir fill system.

The SC400 Controller has the ability to operate a single pump and two zone valves (e.g. frequent/infrequent lubrication cycles) or two separate pumps (e.g. one oil pump & one grease pump). Each zone operates independently.

Bijur Delimon  Lubrication Controllers and Monitoring

Controllers are an integral part of a lubrication system. They allow you to program and set your lube system specifically to your machine’s required cycle intervals.

Monitoring of the lubrication system is an important option, verifying the lube system has performed a lube cycle. Cycle switches for progressive systems and pressure switches for injector systems are popular choices.

SMDC and SMAC line of controllers featuring programmable time based or cycle/monitoring options.

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Bijur Delimom

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