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A torque arm is a component of a mechanical system designed to restrict the rotation of a shaft or axle, typically in one direction. It is commonly used in machinery to prevent excessive movement or deflection of a shaft or axle, which can cause damage or failure of other parts of the system.

A torque arm is usually a rigid structure that is mounted to a fixed point, such as a frame or housing, and connected to the rotating shaft or axle through a pivot or bearing. As the shaft rotates, the torque arm restricts its movement in a specific direction by applying a force in the opposite direction.

The torque arm can be designed to work in compression or tension, depending on the specific requirements of the system. In some cases, multiple torque arms may be used to provide greater control over the movement of the rotating shaft or axle.

Torque arms are an important component in many mechanical systems, helping to ensure smooth and reliable operation while minimizing the risk of damage or failure.

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