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Series K Helical Bevel Geared Motors

Series K right angle drive helical bevel geared motors offer ratio from 8:1 tp 160:1 in three stages or up to 10,000:1 in five stages. Motors are available up to 150 HP and output torque capacity up to 292,000
The series K geared motors is designed with integral cast feet for base or end mounting can be offered with single or double extended output shafts.
Units are also available shaft mounted or with output flanges and are available for mounting horizontally or vertically. The units can also be offered with bolt or torque reaction bracket and all variants are available either motorized or with an input shaft assembly.

The range includes 12 Sizes of units:
K03, K04,K05,K06,K07,K08,K09,K10,K12,K15,K16 and K18

Unit type M: Motorized with IEC standard motor
Unit type D-Motorized with Compact motor
Unit type N: Motorized with NEMA standard motor
Unit type G: Unit to allow fitting of IEC motor
Unit type A: Unit to allow fitting of NEMA motor
Unit type R: Reducer Unit
Unit type S: Reducer unit with fan kit
Unit type W: Reducer with backstop CCW rotation
Unit type X: Reducer with backstop CW rotation
Unit type Y: Reducer unit with fan and backstop CW rotation
Unit type Z: Reducer unit with fan and backstop CCW rotation

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