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The superior performance offered by positive drive timing pulleys is utilized in a wide range of applications in industries ranging from sophisticated aerospace components to the simplest domestic cleaning equipments.Wide range of Timing Pulleys are available in standard steel, aluminum alloys and casting material and in various pitch Pulley configurations as given below:
MXL – 0.080”
LT – 40DP
XL – 0.200”
L – 0.375”
H – 0.500”
T2.5 – 2.5mm
T5 – 5mm
T10 – 10mm
AT5 – 5mm
AT10 – 10mm
High Torque: Curvilinear tooth profile timing pulleys.
3M – 3.00mm
5M – 5.00mm
8M – 8.00mm
14M – 14.00mm
GT Series:
2GT – 2.00mm
3GT – 3.00mm
5GT – 5.00mm
8GT- 8.00mm
Available from

Minimum 6mm Dia. to Maximum 500mm Dia.

Batch size 50pcs. to Large Volume Batch

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