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Janitorial items are the most consumable products and needs a specific quality for food,beverages and pharmaceuticals application.


Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensers, Feminine Hygiene Dispensers,Hand Soap Dispensers, Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers,Folded Towel Dispensers, Manual Foam Dispensers, Roll Towel Dispensers,Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers, Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Rags and Brushes

Microfiber Microfiber Towels, Smart Rags Microfiber Towels

Trash  Management, Trash Can Accessories, Trash Cans

Sweeping Compounds & Absorbents, Absorbents, Ash Tray Sand, Sweeping Compound

Facilities Maintenance Broom Handles,Floor Machines,High Speed Buffers, Floor Machine Rotary Pads,Brooms & Sweeping,Floor Pads, Pad Drivers and Brushes,Vacuums,Utility Pads and Holders,Mop heads,Air Movers,Mop Handles,Mopping Equipment,Sprayers & Bottles

Window Equipment Backflips,All Purpose Squeegee Complete, Complete Squeegee, Floor Scrapers, Microfiber Advanced Sleeves, Scrapers, Squeegee Refills, Window Buckets,

All Chemicals Aerosols, Disinfecting Wipes, Degreasers, Hand Sanitizers,

Disposable Gloves  Blue Nitrile Gloves, Black Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Gloves Dispensers, Acrylic Glove Dispensers,

Packaging , Bubble Wrap, Bundling Film, Hand Film, Clear stretch Film, Mahine Tape, Poly Bags,

Breakroom Bowls, Coffee and Supplies, Napkins,Plates, Cups, Foam Cups, Plastic Cups, Paper Cups,

Safety Aprons, Poly Aprons, Sleeves, Arm Protection, Disposable Lab Coats, Face Protection,Masks, Bouffant Caps, Hair Protection, Beard Covers, Ear Plugs, Eye Wear, Shoe Covers,






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