The conveyors are basically the lifelines to all industrial plants. The smooth and efficient movement of products in various forms, sizes, and weight needs the proper selection of systems and accessories. The selection of proper belt cleaners is based on the available space, belt speed, diameter of head pulley, material and temperature of product meant to be conveyed, vulcanized or mechanical belt, and location of dribble chute.

Primary cleaners are considered as pre-cleaners, installed on the face of the head pulley at a positive angle. The cleaner needs to be mounted below the trajectory flow of the material being discharged from the belt. The purpose of secondary cleaners is to effectively remove the residual material that has passed by the primary cleaner.

The Urethane blades are high-performance primary blades suitable for high temperature and work well with mechanical fasteners. They are also resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and are easy on the belt.

Tungsten Carbide blades are easy to install and replace and have a superior service life. They are available in C-Tips/blades for mechanical splices and V-Tip/Blades for vulcanized belts.

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