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Mining conveyor systems are an essential component of mining operations. They transport of bulk materials such as ore, coal, and rock from the mining site to the processing plant or stockpile. Conveyor components are critical for the safe and efficient operation of mining conveyor systems.

Conveyor belts are the most critical component of mining conveyor systems. They are responsible for carrying the bulk materials from one point to another. Conveyor belts are available in various sizes and types, including steel cord, fabric, and solid woven. Pulleys are the components that support and guide the conveyor belt. They include head pulleys, tail pulleys, and bend pulleys. Pulleys can be made of various materials, including steel, rubber, and ceramic.

Idlers are rollers that support the conveyor belt and maintain proper tension. They include troughing idlers, return idlers, and impact idlers. Idlers can be made of steel or rubber, depending on the application.

Belt cleaners are used to remove carryback material from the conveyor belt. They include primary and secondary cleaners, as well as scraper blades and brushes. Chutes are used to direct the flow of material from the conveyor belt to the processing plant or stockpile. They can be made of various materials, including steel and rubber.  Conveyor structure supports the conveyor belt and components. It includes trusses, walkways, and support towers.

Mining conveyor belt guards are essential safety components that help prevent injuries and accidents in mining operations. They are designed to protect workers from the moving parts of conveyor systems, such as the conveyor belt, pulleys, and idlers.


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