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Bijur Delimon Control and Monitoring Units

Control and monitoring used with lubrication systems is to protect the critical equipments. The controller units are available in wide range with “two plus one” functionality. There are two independent lubrication zones which can be programmed with a single controller along with control of one automatic reservoir filling system. The controller units are also available with remote monitoring which are ideal for single line and dual line centralized lubricating systems. Controllers can also be programmed on time or with feature of monitoring cycle.

The lubrication monitor works well controllers or lube point units or can also be connected with machine controller of PLC cycle switch,low level switches,pressure switches and pressure guages of the all the categories of products.
The monitoring unit indicates the lack of lubrication before the occurence of failure.The ideal application of the monitoring systems is for food processing,beverages plants, conveyors and similar applications.

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