• Severe Duty Motors

    Our extensive line of Severe Duty motors are designed to provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications. These premium construction motors include features designed to protect against contamination, moisture, vibration and demanding duty cycles. Super-E electrical designs are available on Severe Duty motors to create a packaged solution that reduces energy...Request to Quote
  • NXR General Purpose Motors

    Buying low and medium voltage motors has never been easier. ABB’s N-series general purpose motors combine cost-efficient standardized designs and short lead times with safety, productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. Totally enclosed fan cooled motors, type NXR, Large AC motors fit most applications where a highly customized motor is not needed.Request to Quote
  • Hazardous Location Motors

    Our extensive line of Division 1 Explosion Proof motors are designed and built to contain an explosion inside and not propagate it into the surrounding atmosphere. Approval listings are available for Class I (Gas) and or Class II (Dust) hazardous environments. Suitable for fixed speed, sine wave only operation.Request to Quote
  • Variable Speed Motors

    Industrial electric motors from Baldor are available for most general purpose applications and processes. However, some AC Variable Speed applications require constant torque at zero speed. Large AC Variable Speed Motors are designed as standard to meet a class F temperature rise at 1.0 SF. In order to produce a motor which is capable of...Request to Quote
  • Vertical Motors

    Above NEMA Vertical P-Base Motors are the ideal fit for any pump or fan system where space is at a premium. Offerings more power and thrust in a smaller frame provides a solution to minimize the overall pump or fan system footprint. Offering performance and reliability to the chemical, oil, & gas industry, Above NEMA...Request to Quote
  • Slip Ring Induction Motors

    For applications that demand high starting torques, low starting current, or both, Baldor is proud to offer ABB’s broad line of slip ring induction motors. Our design experience and application expertise have made us a leading manufacturer of high voltage slip-ring inductionmotors. These motors are widely used in applications requiring high starting torque or low...Request to Quote
  • Drill Rig Motors

    For all your onshore and offshore drilling operations Baldor and ABB have you covered with our extensive line of motors created specifically for the drilling industry. Each motor is carefully designed to match the demands of land-based and offshore oil and gas drilling applications. The motors are designed to be highly reliable, compact, and cost...Request to Quote
  • Low Inrush Current Motors

    ABB’s Low inrush current (LIC) motors are generally used in weak supply networks where the high starting currents typically drawn by regular motors could cause disturbances. Using data from its extensive installed base, ABB has identified the most common requirements for low inrush current (LIC) motors and created a set of pre-calculated motors based on...Request to Quote
  • High Inertia Fan Motors

    With stall times longer than their start times, moderate inrush current levels and a choice of cooling systems, ABB’s new high inertia motors are ideal for driving large fans. Reliability is assured, as they are based on ABB’s proven modular induction motor platform. ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has launched a series...Request to Quote