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The industrial gearboxes are available in various series:

The series G helical industrial gear box is modular and have minimal manufactured components count which helps to maximize the product availability. It has maximum efficiency,high load carrying capacity and minimum noise generation. These parameters are achieved due to excellent gear tooth geometry.It is available in right angle or parallel shaft with hollow or solid output. Suitable for range of motor adaptors .
Case hardened and ground helical gears and hard finished spiral bevel gears have optimised gear geometry to maximise strength and efficiency, and to minimise noise and vibration.Horizontal split case design for ease of maintenance.Large diameter output shaft and bearings to maximize overhung load capacity.
The Series E offers many engineering and performance benefits including higher torque and thermal ratings, with a high degree of interchangeability of components. The gear housing has been designed to withstand the normal forces whilst reducing weight to the ideal level leading to the most optimal industrial gear unit solution available.

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