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Carbon/Graphite products are used for multiple applications in all industries. The various forms of graphite such as extruded rods, bushes, tubes rings, plates and mold are used in variety of industrial and metallurgical applications. The tubes are manufactured through extrusion process are excellent as heat exchanger and have excellent mechanical and chemical properties. The machined graphites products such as sintering trays, canisters, degassing rotors and shafts, sealing jigs, plates and slabs, furnance linings and components, susceptors, boats, plungers , vanes, pressure casting dies, electrolytic anodes and cathodes, EDM electrodes are available and can be customized to specific size and compositions. The applications in various industries such as steel, metallurgical applications, aluminium, non-ferrous covering chemical, glass, automobile and general engineering sectors.

Aluminium Industry: Graphite Fluxing Tubes,-Graphite Impeller Systems for Aluminium Degassing, Casting Rings for Hot Top Casting or for Gas Slip System, Graphite Plates and Rolls for Aluminium Extrusion Presses.

Metallurgical Industry: Graphite Plates and Trays for Sintering, Graphite Boats for Heat Treatment of Powder, Graphite Crucibles for Sintering Furnaces, Furnace Components and Heating Elements, Flexible Carbon and Graphite Felts, Rigid Graphite Felt for Thermal Insulation, Moulds for Sintering of Drill Bits, Graphite Plates and Moulds for Inert Gas Soldering.

Steel Industry: Graphite Heating Rods and Contacts for Steel Degassing.

Non-Ferrous Metal Industry: Graphite Dies for Continuous Casting, Graphite Rods and Contacts for Resistance Furnaces, Graphite Tubes for Thermocouples, Stirring Rods, Plugs and Spouts, Graphite Crucibles for Precious Metals and Dental Alloys, Graphite Boats and Moulds for Ingots,

Mechanical Engineering Industry: Bearings and Seals for Pumps – Submersible Pumps, Bearings for Plywood Dryers, Rings and Seals for Steam Joints in Paper-Machines, Turbine Rings for Hydro-Power Stations, Rings and Vanes for Compressors,- Semi-finished Materials for Mechanical Applications.

Chemical Industry: Carbon Bricks for Chemical Resistant Linings,- Carbon and Graphite Tubes and Nozzles, Graphite Electrodes for Electrochemistry, Decomposer Graphite, Graphite Anodes for Electroplating, Carbon and Graphite Rings, Seals and Bushes
Glass Industry, Glass-fiber-Production, Quartz, Porous Carbon for Wet Blowing Process, Vacuum Lifters for Automatic Glass Production, Graphite Inserts for Take-out Systems, Graphite Components for Float-Glass-Process, Graphite Rolls for Glass-fiber-Production,- Graphite Rods and Tubes for Quartz-Production.

Electrical Application: Carbon Collectors for Trolley buses and Cranes, Carbon Blocks for Brush Manufacture and Carbon Brushes
Medical Technique, Special Carbon Electrodes for light therapy application.

EDM graphites: Blocks and Semi-finished electrodes.

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