• Manual Transmission Fluids (MTF)

    In modern manual transmissions, in addition to classic wear reduction, the lubricant performs a wide variety of tasks and has an impact on ride comfort, as the quality of shifting is decisively influenced by the lubricant.Read more
  • Drivetrain oils

    Axle transmissions require particularly high wear protection (AW) and extreme pressure properties (EP). This is only possible with highly concentrated sulfur additives, which is why axle oils are not suitable for clutches or synchronization. In addition to high wear protection, axle drive oils must have good aging properties. Here, too, longer intervals between replacement and...Read more
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

    Important for the function of the automatic transmission is the coefficient of friction when opening and closing the oil lubricated lamellar clutches and brakes in automatic transmissions. This is exactly what automatic transmission oils need to be exactly tuned to. Especially because of different requirements of certain manufacturers of automatic transmissions on the coefficient of...Read more
  • Transmission oils for continuously variable transmissions (CVTF)

    CVTFs are very similar to ATF oils, but in addition to the ATF properties, they are specially tailored to the friction properties required for contact between the metallic friction partners (variator to chain / transmission chains). Since CVT transmissions usually use strong hydraulic pumps, CVTFs must have particularly good foam properties and air release properties...Read more
  • Double clutch transmission fluids (DCTF)

    Double clutch transmission fluids are the compromise between the characteristics of an outstanding MTF and a high-performance ATF. In addition, the use of hydraulic pumps increases the foam resistance requirements.Read more
  • Transfer case fluids (TCF)

    Transfer case fluids (TCFs) are used in the transmission types of the same name, for example in all-wheel drive vehicles. Transfer cases themselves consist of different components (differential, clutch, etc.), so that the oils used have to meet the most diverse and in part individual requirements. The main focus here is on excellent friction behavior...Read more
  • Central Hydraulic / Power Steering Fluids (CHF)

    Modern central hydraulic and power steering systems require special products to ensure best performance, durability and especially safety. The TITAN CHF range meets these requirements and covers the highest OEM quality standards and a wide application and approval profile.Read more