• Integral HP and RPM III

    A wide variety of Baldor-Reliance wound field DC motors ranging from a 48 frame 1/4 Hp motor to 500 Hp are available. We know that some customers still prefer our reliable wound field motors that have been available for over 75 years. We continue to expand our product range so we can be your primary...Request to Quote
  • RPM III Motors

    RPMIII DC Motors feature a laminated frame design which provides for more power, reliability and serviceability in a smaller package. The field proven laminated frame improves commutation and heat dissipation, and requires less mounting space than conventional designs. Choose from our complete line of enclosures including: Drip Proof Guarded (DPG), Drip Proof Guarded Force Ventilated...Request to Quote
  • Round Frame Motors

    Round frame SCR rated DC motors feature a rugged rolled steel frame designed for long life in industrial applications. Our round frame designs are direct replacements for competitive motors of similar design construction. Stock and custom motors are available in a wide variety of enclosures including drip Proof Fully Guarded (DPFG), Drip Proof Blower Ventilated...Request to Quote
  • Lifting Magnet Motors

    Our Lifting Magnet Generators provide power for lifting electro-magnets used in scrap and bulk metal handling facilities. Horizontal motors may be belted from the diesel engine or the motors with C-faces may be coupled to the PTO drive of the crane. Standard DC generators are available through 40kW and are offered with a variety of...Request to Quote
  • General Purpose DC Motors

    These NEMA frame permanent magnet DC motors include permanent magnet designs through 5 HP designed for adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Most designs are constructed so a tachometer may be added for closed loop applications. Permanent magnet designs for 90 or 180 VDC have a 20:1 constant torque speed range.Request to Quote
  • Explosion Proof DC Motors

    Explosion Proof SCR drive permanent magnet and shunt wound DC motors: When it comes to explosion-proof SCR Drive DC motors, Baldor offers two choices. Permanent Magnet motors are available from stock in 1/4 hp through 1-1/2 HP, in NEMA frames 56C and 145TC. Shunt Wound motors are available from stock in 1/2 hp through 2...Request to Quote
  • Washdown DC Motors

    The Baldor-Reliance® washdown line of permanent magnet DC motors is ideal for food processing, agriculture, packaging and other wet environment applications. Features such as moisture sealants and sealed ball bearings, neoprene gaskets and other designs allow for high pressure washdown. These NEMA framed DC motors have adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Ruggedness, dependability and...Request to Quote
  • Fractional HP Motors

    These NEMA frame fractional HP DC motors include both wound field and permanent magnet designs. Wound field designs are available through 3 HP and permanent magnet designs through 5 HP. All are designed for adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Applications include conveyors, extruders, packaging equipment, mixers, winders, printing presses and metering pumps. Most designs...Request to Quote
  • Tachometer Generators

    The new tachometer generators are C-face flange or foot mounted designs that require tach adapters. They have a rugged cast iron housing is suited for mill applications and has better electrical shielding. The output signal has very low ripple current. We also offer a version that uses a metric mounting flange and can be made...Request to Quote
  • Tachometer Mounting Kits

    Mounting kits for blowers for DC and integral HP motor. Also available for permanent magnet and shunt wound motors as well as explosion proof (CDPX or CDX).Request to Quote