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Exim Engineering is a leading supplier and distributor of Power Transmission Products, Conveyor Components, Gear Box Units, Speed Reducers, and Safety Products in Southern California.  For over 25+ years, our highly trained and skilled staff is ready to serve you with a detailed and technical understanding of our products and services to meet your requirements and fully support your needs.

Exim Engineering is distributor of Jason Industrial and offer a vast inventory of industry-leading hydraulic hose products. The task of choosing the appropriate hydraulic hose can be challenging, which is why our team of specialists is always prepared to help you find the optimal product for their application. Our expansive list of product offerings enables us to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries and applications.

Machinery and equipment

Food and beverages

Featured Products

Jason Industrial offers a comprehensive portfolio of industrial hose, couplings and accessories along with hydraulic hose, fittings and crimping equipment.

Water Hose

Hose designed for water service in washdown, irrigation, drain & suction, and discharge applications and include high pressure spray and water blast systems.

Steam Hose

Hose designed for use in severe environmental conditions, such as refineries, chemical plants and shipyards to convey steam.
Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN

Spray Hose

Hose designed for dust control in underground water spray operations, and underground mining.

Petroleum & Oilfield Hose

Hose designed mostly to transport crude oil or refined petroleum products with some handling extreme cold weather flexibility.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN

Material Handling Hose

Material handling covers a wide variety of hose with abrasive resistant tubes.

Food & Beverage Hose

All food and beverage hoses are made to required FDA standards and are available in Industrial Thermoplastic and applicable rubber compounds.

Chemical Hose

Jason Industrial’s Chemical Hoses offer cross-linked polyethylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and transferring solvents, chemicals and acids.


Air Hose

Jason Industrial’s Air Hoses are formulated from Rubber, Industrial Thermoplastic, TPR and PU to handle a variety of applications.


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