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Exim Engineering Inc offers water-based concrete coatings for industrial and commercial applications. We are an authorized distributor of Johnson Industrial Coating.

The water-based concrete floor coatings are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and have superior penetration and bonding to the concrete surface. These coatings can help to improve the appearance of cracked, stained, faded, and aged concrete. It also improves wear resistance, abrasion resistance and is ideal for high traffic areas. Due to ease of application, fast drying process and a host of other benefits the industrial floor coatings are suitable for sporting court floors, hospitality, restaurant dining area, swimming pool, airport, pathways, and similar applications. The coating is eco-friendly as well as cost-effective for industrial and commercial applications. Contact Exim Engineering for Industrial Floor Coating.

With our commitments towards safety in operations and maintenance, we offer a complete range of safety products for the protection of head, hearing, vision, hand, and fall protection. Our state of art warehouse has a complete range of   safety products which include hardhats, respirator masks, gloves, hearing protection, and work-related protective products,

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