High-Temperature Furnace and Insulation Consumables

EXIM Engineering Inc. strives for customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality high-temperature furnace thermal insulation and materials.  We offer a complete range of replacement elements, thermal insulation, and furnace hardware for commercial heat treat users and captive heat treat departments.  Industrial furnaces operate at extremely high temperatures and therefore the requirement of thermal insulation materials is critical to ensuring that the furnace runs safely and efficiently.

The quality and reliability of thermal insulation materials need to ensure the operator’s safety. The outer body of an industrial furnace can become extremely hot when the furnace has been in use, so operators who are transporting samples in and out of furnaces are at risk of being burnt. The use of appropriately specified high-temperature thermal insulation material can ensure that the heat is not transferred to the outer body, reducing the risk of burns to operators.

Thermal insulation is also important to improve the efficiency of an industrial furnace. High-temperature insulation can reduce the amount of heat dissipation, making the industrial furnace more efficient. Thermal insulation within the chamber also ensures a uniform heat is reached, which ensures heat treatment is carried out more effectively.

We offer furnace Rebuild and Repair services. Furnace rebuilding is a cost-effective way to renew the productive and profitable service life of your system. We can also help with minor repairs.

The process can be initiated in one of two ways:

  1. a) You can send us details of your equipment with the most recent photograph depicting the current condition and a list of components you want to be replaced. Please click here to fill out the request for service form.
  2. b) We will send our Technicians to your site to take measurements and pictures of your equipment to provide a detailed estimate.

Please click here to fill out the request for service form. We are in contact with key high-temperature furnace insulation consumables manufacturers in the USA who make our jobs easier.

Our major offerings include insulation refractory bricks, dense fire bricks, insulation fiber, dense and lightweight castables, and ceramic fiber blankets. We also provide furnace hardware, thermocouples, and heating elements. With our commitments towards safety in operations and maintenance, we offer a complete range of safety products exclusively for handling engineering operations for welding, brazing, and heat treatment.

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