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Exim Engineering represents Habasit belting solution and serves the Southern California region. Habasit is the world leader for fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and chains, power transmission belts, and monolithic and timing belts used in a wide range of industries.

Alongside of our customized conveyor and power transmission solutions, we provide consistently excellent service.

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Straight Chains

Straight chains are mainly used in the food and packaging industry to convey packed products, bottles and cans.


Radius Chains

Radius chains are mainly used in the food and packaging industry to convey packaged products, bottles and cans.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN

Product Title

HabaCHAIN products are made of the highest quality plastic materials. In line with our pledge to provide the optimum solution for your needs,

Case Chain 1201AB

The Case Chain 1201AB Connecting Link offers a quick and easy way to perform chain assembly/disassembly.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN


Habasit GRABBER belts are customized for specific applications where product feeding or pulling is required. 

Seamless belts

These belts are produced by weaving or knitting a “tube” of fabric material in a circular fashion.

Endless woven belts

Endless woven processing belts are customized to individual application requirements and are either seamless or woven endless.


Woven rubber belts

Woven rubber belts are also known as plied rubber belts, as they are constructed with either two or three plies of fabric that are plied with rubber layers


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