Fuchs Food-Grade Lubricants: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in the Food Industry

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In the world of food, beverage, and packaging industries, reliable and efficient machinery operations are paramount. Fuchs, a global leader in industrial lubricants, offers an array of high-quality food-grade lubricants under the brand name CASSIDA to enhance machinery performance, extend equipment life, and ensure safety standards.

CASSIDA Fluids: Specialized Solutions for Diverse Applications

Fuchs CASSIDA Fluids are a range of superior synthetic lubricants, each designed for a specific type of machinery.

Compressor Fluids: These fluids provide exceptional cooling and sealing properties to keep compressors in optimal working condition, thereby reducing wear and prolonging component life.

Hydraulic Oils: With advanced anti-wear technology, these oils offer unmatched protection for hydraulic systems, enhancing their performance and reliability.

Vacuum Pump Fluids: These fluids are formulated to offer excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, thereby maintaining the efficiency and safety of vacuum pumps.

Gear Oils: Gear oils are designed to reduce friction and wear in gear systems, boosting their performance and extending their lifespan.

CASSIDA Lubricants: Catering to Different Load Requirements

  1. Regular Load: Fuchs offers a range of lubricants designed for machinery operating under regular load conditions. These lubricants provide consistent performance and protection thus maintaining efficiency and prolonging equipment life.
  2. Extreme Pressure: For equipment operating under extreme pressures, Fuchs has developed special lubricants that can withstand high-pressure conditions while ensuring optimal machinery performance.
  3. Heavy Duty: For heavy-duty machineries that require superior protection, Fuchs heavy-duty lubricants are formulated to provide exceptional wear protection and resistance to heavy loads, maintaining the longevity of your machineries.

CASSIDA Specialties and Greases

CASSIDA Specialties encompass unique products like anti-seize pastes, aerosols, and specialty lubricating oils for various unique applications. On the other hand, CASSIDA Greases are designed to provide excellent wear protection and resist water washout, making them suitable for bearings, joints, and other components requiring reliable lubrication.


For chains in different machinery, Fuchs offers the specialized CASSIDA Chain Oils. These lubricants provide excellent maintenance and protection, ensuring smooth and efficient chain-driven operations.

All of Fuchs food-grade lubricants specifications ranging from regular load, extreme pressure, heavy duty lubricants, greases, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and chain oil, comply with stringent regulatory norms such as FDA regulations for incidental food contact and NSF International’s H1 standard. This perfect blend of efficiency, quality, and safety sets Fuchs food-grade lubricants apart in the market.

Exim Engineering: Offering Fuchs Advanced Lubricants to the Beverage, Meat, and Dairy Industries

In the high-stakes realm of food and beverage industries, maintaining optimal efficiency of machinery while adhering to stringent safety standards is vital. Exim Engineering, as a trusted distributor and supplier of Fuchs products, stands ready to meet these demands across the beverage and brewing industry, meat and poultry industry, and the dairy industry.

Beverage and Brewing Industry

The beverage and brewing industry requires lubricants that can withstand harsh operating conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity. Fuchs range of food-grade lubricants, including compressor fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and specialties, are designed to perform under such conditions, thereby ensuring smooth and efficient operations. From bottling machines to conveyors, Fuchs products distributed by Exim Engineering cater to all your machinery lubrication needs.

Meat and Poultry Industry

In the meat and poultry industry, lubricants must comply with stringent food safety regulations while also meeting operational demands. Fuchs products such as extreme pressure and heavy-duty lubricants, vacuum pump fluids, and CASSIDA chain oils provide effective solutions for these specific needs. Whether it’s for grinders, mixers, packaging machines, or conveyor systems, Exim Engineering ensures that your machinery continues to operate at peak performance with Fuchs lubricants.

Dairy Industry

The dairy industry faces its own unique set of challenges which include extreme temperatures involving high-speed machinery. Fuchs gear oils, hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids, and other specialized products are designed to handle such conditions. Moreover, Fuchs greases, suitable for a variety of applications, can provide consistent, reliable lubrication for equipment in the dairy industry, ranging from milking machines to processing and packaging equipment.

Exim Engineering’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service makes us the go-to distributor for Fuchs products in these industries. All Fuchs products comply with international safety standards, such as FDA regulations for incidental food contact and NSF International’s H1 standard, offering our clients peace of mind along with high-quality and efficient products.

In partnership with Fuchs, Exim Engineering stays abreast of industry trends, providing innovative and future-ready lubrication solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to offer expert advice, technical support, and prompt delivery to keep your operations running smoothly.

In conclusion, Exim Engineering is not just a supplier of world-class lubricants to the beverage, meat, and dairy industries, but a partner dedicated to your operational success. Our partnership with Fuchs allows us to offer you unrivalled service, expert advice, and the assurance of safety and efficiency in every product. Discover the Exim Engineering difference today.

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