Effect of Closure of Meat and Poultry Plants Because Of Corona Virus

Effect of Closure of Meat and Poultry Plants Because Of Corona Virus

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The reports of significant numbers of meat facilities going out of business have increased dramatically in the past couple of years. In fact, a Nebraska news report said that some operations estimate being less than six months away from having to shut their doors. The closure of meat and poultry plants poses a serious threat to both the producer and to America’s economy because it can affect almost every aspect of the industry. There has been an influx in the shutdown of these plants because they are losing their biggest customers: large grocery stores. This is due to several states not accepting products from plants that have had outbreaks in the past. Now, with so many plants shuttering, this raises some excellent questions: Are we running out of meat? Where will all these companies get money for new equipment? And how will processors evolve to do what they were built to do — make beef?

Effect of Closure of Meat and Poultry Plants Because Of Corona Virus

The present pandemic of COVID-19 is creating an entirely new trend in the consumption of food and beverages by the consumers. The recent closure of a couple of meat-producing plants is driving the meat-eaters away from animal protein and is pushing them towards the vegetarian and vegan options. Know more about the effect of Meat and Poultry Plants

Need for Changes

 The manufacturers of food and beverages need to address this demand by gearing up for more flexible operations. It includes the additional filling/refilling packaging and distribution at a considerably shorter time. It will increase the need to implement a preventive maintenance cycle more frequently. The companies will need to increase their consumption for requiredar components and spares such as conveyor chains and belts, variable frequency drives, speed reducer and lubrication systems.

Exim Engineering Can Help

 Exim Engineering Inc. can help a lot. Our company is capable of providing Conveyor Chain and Belts and other vital spare parts for production lines in the shortest possible time. With more than 25 years of implementing power transmission solutions, the team is dependable, skilled and experienced. We also support food and beverage industries by providing water treatment solutions and systems that help the production of food and ensure that the water that is being used in every stage is 100% pure and contamination-free.

Quick Response Policy

 Another thing that helps Exim Engineering Inc. stand out is our quick response policy. We understand that timely production and distribution are essential for Meat and poultry industries as delays can lead to a fall in demand in the future or worse, customer dissatisfaction. It is why our team gets back to you quickly, and we always have a full inventory. As soon as an order is placed, we try to ship the items like Conveyor Chain and Belts on the same day. It ensures that you get the parts on time, and your production or distribution operations are not halted for long.

Wide Range of Products

 We also provide a wide array of other engineering products, services and solutions. Trust us to provide conveyor components and power transmission essentials like timing belts, sizing belts, V-belts,  chains,  pulleys,  laggings,  idlers,  impact beds,  magnetic separators,  take-up units, sprockets,  speed reducers,  gearboxes,  bearings,  drives,  variable frequency drives, brakes, clutches,  guide rails, chain tracks,  articulated feet products,  wear strips, belts, chain and grippers among others. Inquiries regarding quality speed reducers,  speed reducer gearboxes,  speed reducers for conveyor belts,  Radicon rapid product build, speed reducers and geared motors are also welcome. Our quality speed reducers in California are offered at great prices. You can view the entire range at EXIM ENG. In case you have inquiries, feel free to contact us on +1 (714) 758-1000 or just drop a quick email to sales@eximeng.com

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