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Get Anti-Rotation Knives and Parts for Bottling Industry

One of the common maintenance challenges faced in the Bottling industry maintenance department is the inability to repair a capping machine due to the lack of spare parts. The spares and parts available with you might not work perfectly as capping machines need specified and customized components when there is a need to replace components that are worn out. Anti-rotation knives are one of such key components that need to be replaced on time to stop further wear and tear and ensure that the industry keeps going. Other components also need to be replaced. For all this, you need to trust an aftermarket capping solutions supplier such as EXIM Engineering that allows you to get the required components on time.

Exceptional Expertise
We are an authorized distributor of Precision Tork in California as well as other manufacturers. Trust us to support the bottling plants by effectively utilizing our 25+ years of experience in the region. We partner with most manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality products at the right prices. As an aftermarket capping solutions supplier, we provide bottle retention or anti-spin capping knives, which are 100% interchangeable with their respective OEM parts.

Consistent Quality
The anti-rotation knives we provide would be manufactured by using hardened stainless steel that would be corrosion resistant. These knives would be created by using a five-point knife design that is meant to last longer than other anti-rotation knives. We ensure that you get maximum cost savings and quick delivery.

Wide Range of Options
In addition to anti-rotation knives supplying, you can also trust Exim Engineering to provide several other bottling replacement parts that are compatible with bottle capping and filling equipment. Examples of such parts include but are not limited to cap knock-out rods, neck handling components, capping spindles, cap chuck parts, and spindle replacement parts. We also offer other components as per specifications on request. As Exim Engineering has a lot of experience in the bottling industry, we can easily provide the clients with bottle retention knives, capping chuck replacements, and other components on-demand and quickly. The quality will never be compromised as these parts will pass even the rigorous tests.

Provide a Sample to Get Started
Please provide us with a sample of the component you need to get a free custom quote. We are a trusted aftermarket capping solutions supplier that provides OEM quality spares at great prices while ensuring faster shipping in Southern California and across the country. We help ensure the smooth running of bottling plants by providing any components you need in the shortest amount of time.

Partnered with Most Manufacturers
We are an authorized distributor for Precision Torque control, Radicon, Bijur Delimon, Baldor ABB, Fuchs, Fenner Drives, Leeson, Sew Eurodrive, Invertek Drives, SMC, Nexen, WEG, Grove Gear, and many other top manufacturers. Call us now for the best bottling industry capping solutions, spares, and components.


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