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Aerospace & OEM

Aerospace & OEM

Exim Engineering’s highly experienced team provides cooling tower solutions for highly customized applications for aerospace, fasteners production, and OEM facilities. We strive for customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality industrial products.  Our partners Dry Coolers and Leybold help to get the customized system and execute as per the various diverse demands of aerospace and OEM facilities.

The cooling solutions are very specific to the process and sites have various parameters to be controlled and managed during the execution. Exim Engineering team has developed the expertise due to repeated execution exclusively for aerospace and OEM facilities in the region of Southern California. The manufacturing process is highly dependent on vacuum and heat treatment which demands specialized equipment and systems. Our strong association with Leybold and deeper understanding of high-temperature products and applications are critical to addressing various needs for aerospace and manufacturing facilities requirements.

Lubricants and greases are vital for all engineering processes, fasteners manufacturing, and OEM operations. Exim Engineering is an authorized distributor for  Bijur Delimon lubrication equipment, Baldor Reliance ABB motors, Invertek Variable Frequency Drives, and Fuchs lubrications. We provide the spares and accessories for Bijur Delimon lubrication equipment and their family brands of Faval, Lubsite, and Bijur.

To support the smooth operations of production and machining plants we stock and supply the motors and drives. We offer Radicon speed reducers as a direct drop-in replacement for existing motors. Our Radicon rapid product build can provide gearboxes from 1/4 HP to 20 HP and we can cover a ratio from 3:1 to 3600:1 off the shelf. 

Aerospace, fasteners production, and OEM facilities generate industrial waste which needs to be handled well with the scientific disposal process. Exim Engineering provides the timely service to manage industrial waste and disposal through RRD Environmental services. Industrial waste gets recycled and reused which helps to improve serious environmental challenges.

Exim Engineering offers a complete range of replacements for furnace hardware used for heat treatment and insulation components which are vital operations for aerospace fasteners production and OEM operations.  With our commitments towards safety in operations and maintenance, we offer a complete range of safety products exclusively for handling engineering operations for welding, brazing, and heat treatment.


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